Technology, Mechanics and Utility


The HashPad project embraces the core principles of decentralization, immutability, and transparency. These principles are woven into various aspects of the project, from its technical stack to its user experience.



Access a range of exciting token offerings from groundbreaking projects, degenerates and the likes. Whether you are a project team looking to launch a token sale or an investor seeking to participate in the next big launch on the Hedera ecosystem, our platform got you covered.

Token Manager:

Our Token Manager makes it easy for Token creators to create, manage and update their tokens without having to do it with contract. By providing Token creators with a simple interface for managing their tokens, this tool is helping to make Hedera ecosystem more accessible to mainstream Token creators.

Check and Analytics:

Verify the metrics of a deployed token contract on Hedera with this outstanding tool. By reviewing a token, users can gain insight into the project's mechanics and the potential risks involved and access its security and the measures taken to prevent vulnerabilities.

Streamline the process of sending out tokens to multiple recipients, saving time and reducing transaction fees compared to sending individual transactions to each recipient.

Smart Contract Voting:

Powered by a smart contract that manages the voting process. The smart contract ensures that votes are recorded on the blockchain and that they cannot be modified or deleted. Each project has a credibility score that is calculated based on the number of positive votes it receives.


Manage your assets with real-time updates on your wallet holdings and their current value in stable coins and Hbar pair. Designed to handle the complexity of managing wallet investments, provides users with detailed historical data, including price charts and performance metrics. This information can be used to analyze trends and make more informed investment decisions.

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